pam paton


Dancing With The Ancestors


Blues  Celtic  Latin  Worldbeat  
Featuring  marimba with full band 
arrangements of  traditional 
tunes & original songs

original song

Drowsie Maggie
Irish tune

Irish tune

I'm Not Hiding
original song

Waves Crashing Down
original song

Musical Priest
Irish tune
bonus  - recorded live

O'Neil's Cavalry March
Irish tune

Ancestor Song
original song

Pitter Patter
original song

Brian Boru's March
Irish tune

Just A Dream
original song

Maguire's Jig
Irish tune





mp3 clips

Musicians :
Pam Paton - marimba, guitar, vocals, percussion
Jennifer Wyatt - celtic harp, vocals      Doug Sampson -  lead guitar       Joe Butcher  - bass

Glenn Austin  - percussion     Bill Stevenson  - piano    Darlene MacNeil  -  Back-up vocals

Recorded April 1998 Halifax, NS.Canada   all lyrics, music & arrangements pam paton 
except Pitter Patter -
arrangement  pam paton / lyrics & music m.currie

Cover Photo is of Kate Church's doll called "Lady of the Lake"

Other Recording Projects

"Glimpses" Road Trip Boogie
Recorded : West Dublin, NS 2014  Jude Pelley Studio
"Waves by the River"
Pam Paton - marimba, bodhran                                    
Recorded : Bridgewater, NS  1996                    
"Somersault" Pam Paton- Hand drums Recorded : Mahone Bay, NS  2000
"Keltika" Pam  & Chris Paton - marimba,guitar, hand drums Recorded : Deep Cove, BC   1999
"Trio" Pam  & Chris  & Rus - marimba,guitar, hand drums, bass Recorded :  Lunenburg, NS  2003  Redfish Audio
"Celtika" Pam & 6 piece Band featuring marimba Recorded : Solar Audio, Halifax, NS 1996

"Music Mosaic EP" Larry MacAdam Band
Recorded : Liverpool, NS 2008  Feswick Productions  
"That's Another Story" Danny Burns and the Irish Ballad Band
Recorded : White Rock, BC   1999 Turtle Studios
"Dragonfly" Pam Paton, Paul Buchanan, Rick Myers - kit, guitar, bass
Recorded :  Lunenburg, NS  2003  Redfish Audio
"One" Rawlins Cross
Recorded : St.John's, NF 1986
"Turn of the Wheel" Rawlins Cross
Recorded : St.John's, NF 1987