Pam Paton


Pam started playing guitar at eleven years old. She discovered drums too and a lot of her interest in the guitar was to explore rhythm & percussion techniques since she didn't own a drum untill she was twelve.
The guitar was shelved until she was in her late teens and the band she played drumkit with all bought a Strat for the guitarist
and he gave her some tips on playing like a "real" guitar player :-)
When she was in her early twenties, she brought a small Stella acoustic guitar home from London
and so began her journey and lifelong relationship with guitars.

For most of the years Pam played guitar, she usually created and played her own songs (
Listen ) since she never thought that her rendition of cover songs sounded all that good.

When she collaborated with Liz in Road Trip Boogie Pam started working on original versions of cover songs and is quite happy that they sound different :-)

Pam's years as a drummer & percussionist has enabled her to develop a solid rhythmic guitar style. Her skill as a marimba player has encouraged her to work on the melodic aspect of her guitar playing.

Guitar is Pam's "go to " instrument when she facilitates "Garage Band & BandCamp" sessions where participants explore playing music for the first time on various instruments.

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